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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why would our organization hire “Working with Congress?”
  2. What do you mean by “customized” seminars?
  3. Do you only teach in Washington, DC?

Why would our organization hire “Working with Congress?”
WWC provides training to organizations and individuals that have an interest in Congress, how policy is developed and how Washington really works.

We educate about the political environment on Capitol Hill, the competing interests in Washington and help our clients formulate effective strategies for communicating and working with Members of the House, Senate and their staffs. We also focus on the wide variety of “stakeholders” that influence policy development in Washington and how to build strong and winning coalitions.

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What do you mean by “customized” seminars?
Our goal is to create seminars that best serve the needs of our clients. Prior to starting any formal training, we will sit down with your organization and establish the goals and desired outcomes for the seminar.

We provide our clients with many broad topic areas from which to select those most important to them. We then create half-day, full-day or multiple day seminars that both educate participants about Congress, the relationship between the Legislative and Executive Branches and help them prepare to participate effectively in the policy process.

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Do you only teach in Washington, DC?
No. Since our seminars are customized for each of our clients, we have the flexibility to conduct the training in Washington, DC or travel to a specific site of the organization's choosing.

WWC can provide seminars at your annual conferences, provide specialized training to key executives at company headquarters, prepare trade association members for a legislative blitz on Capitol Hill, prepare federal executives for congressional delegation visits to their facilities or any other training your organization may need when dealing with Congress.

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