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Executive Management in our
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About Working with Congress

Helping people understand and effectively participate in our complex Democratic system of government.

Welcome to Working With Congress

WWC is devoted to helping organizations and individuals understand how the United States Congress works, how the Executive Branch interacts with the Legislative Branch and prepare them to participate effectively in the policy process.

Whether you work with a federal agency, are a member of a trade association, represent a corporation or serve with a non-profit organization, WWC is right for you.

We customize our training sessions and seminars to serve the specific needs of each of our clients. Grounded in practical, reality-based strategies for succeeding on Capitol Hill and in Washington, our training is drawn from years of experience working in and with congressional offices and within the Executive Branch.

Unlike other courses, WWC does not have a “cookie cutter” course where one size fits all. Rather, we work with your organization agency or business to understand your specific need and create a seminar that best serves the policy goals of your organization.

We look forward to serving you.

Meet Grace Cummings


Grace is the founder of Working With Congress, bringing with her over 24 years experience in campaign politics and service on Capitol Hill.

More about Grace...

Meet our Associates:

Joe Dowdy

Will Grimsley


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